The Intuitive Approach to Conscious Clarity

An intuitive coach is a professional coach with developed intuitive abilities. Intuitive abilities lie in your conscious mind, which can be used in conjunction with universal and spiritual (non-religious) laws to find answers. The client is taught these techniques as a part of the overall coaching platform to use for themselves.

An intuitive coach follows the same principles and teachings of traditional coaching, such as goal setting, working on habits, and beliefs, but will also help the client acknowledge limiting thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs, which have been keeping you from achieving, what it is you truly desire.

During the coaching process, it is likely you will have to confront the root cause of those blockages, which may be difficult, but your coach is there to guide you, and the changes made are more likely to remain long term, well after the coaching ends.


The laws of the universe are the key elements in the intuitive coaching practice. Nikola Tesla once said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The indication is that everything around us contains energy which vibrates at various frequencies. This means all matter and all human beings, are vibrating energy also - but on different frequency levels. Humans can change their frequency depending on the emotions they are feeling.

Albert Einstein once said: "Everything is a vibration." An intuitive coach makes you aware of your own vibrating energy field and works with you on shifting your emotional state to bring you back into alignment with the source of energy you need or wish to attract.


These two laws of the universe work in tandem to create a model of: ‘like attracts like’, which in practice means that what we emit outward, in terms of our vibrational frequency, comes back to us. If we radiate and vibrate a positive energy, we will experience events of a similar positive vibration. If we radiate a negative vibration, we will see more negative things happen to us or around us.

A key area of intuitive coaching is tapping into and learning how to change your own energetic vibration to attract and acquire the things you want without having to fight for them. Thus, allowing them to be attracted, and come to you easier. 


An Intuitive coach will help with setting goals and actions plans to help you achieve them, but they will also maintain a spiritual inspiration at the center of things. This is to keep on track, moving forward, while also maintaining a strong, positive, noble, reason for the success you seek. Having a good Karmic cycle in motion all around you will help yield positive results.

“The capacity for directed thinking I call intellect; the capacity for passive or undirected thinking I call intellectual intuition.” ~Carl Jung



Limitless is completely nonsectarian and nondenominational in its theories and practices.


Limitless is the one who experiences inner peace within all aspects of a healthy life, while remaining steadfast in their journey to challenge, explore, and expand their mind, contribute positively to the universal consciousness, and experience all that life has to offer, without fear or doubt.

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Limitless Coaching incorporates several methodologies in order to help one achieve an awakening of consciousness, accomplish goals, manifest thoughts into reality, understand and apply universal laws, and achieve overall satisfaction, within oneself and in one’s life.


We will work together in individual sessions, which will be custom tailored to meet your wants or needs. There will be homework, in the form of various exercises for you, and with distance healing from me, included as a part of the overall process. Even when we are not physically together, I will still be working with and for you.