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Ray Catania is an Author, Publisher, Business Owner, Investor, Master Certified Life Coach, Certified Meditation Instructor, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology

at the University of Sedona.

Coming from humble beginnings, Ray had experiences most of us would not want to start out with. At a young age Ray began working to save and make money any way he could to survive. Eventually saving enough money to buy his first legitimate business. That business would grow to become multiple locations and was successful. After 9/11/2001 and the US war that would ensue, made for a situation where those businesses did not have any chance at survival.

Broke once again, but now raising two children, Ray borrowed the money to go back to college. He earned a business degree, which got him a Wall Street job managing retirement portfolios for mid-sized companies. Life was good once again. However, in 2008, the crash of the financial markets or what was later dubbed “The Great Recession”, once again put his back up against the wall.

Ray saw an opportunity to utilize the popularity of the ever growing online retail environment and created a way for advertisers to leverage his new company to gain market share. Whether they were a small mom and pop type retailer, or a huge conglomerate, he created a level playing field for all. Ray was back in the black once again. He eventually sold his portion of that company and began working for a mid-sized real estate firm, where he became the VP of sales and operations rather quickly, given the combination of his extreme passionate work ethic, past experiences, and education. Life seemed to be perfect, but something was still missing.

As the saying goes, money cannot buy happiness. It took the love a woman (whom he would later marry) and their children, to make Ray look inside himself for answers that could not be bought or sold. Those of the spiritual kind. Having a good financial situation allowed him to embark on a two-year quest for the answers of life, death, and the universe. Having had a near-death experience himself, he wanted to get some answers. Ray went back to college once again where he earned his master’s degree in Metaphysical Parapsychology and he is working on his Ph.D. currently. He also earned his Master Certified Life Coaching credentials (MCLC) and became a Master Certified Meditation Instructor which he said,

changed his life. 

Today Ray is a husband, father, stepdad, author, publisher, and life coach who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve success and fulfillment in theirs. He works with people who wish to achieve excellence in three primary categories: Athletics, Career & Business, and Spiritual Evolution.

“Teaching and helping others is the most rewarding thing I have ever had the pleasure of doing in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could back in time and do it all over again. Well, perhaps almost everything.” :)

I am …

Forever Grateful,  ~  Ray


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